The Pros and Cons of Buying Golf Shirts on Black Friday or Christmas

Getting golf shirts at a low price is something all golfers want. They want to make sure that they get their golf apparel at a low price. Playing the sport is expensive enough as it is without having to worry about the price of buying new shirts to wear on the green.

Whether a person buys their shirt from the internet or from a brick and mortar store, there is always that one time of the year which a lot of people consider to be the best time to go out there and buy shirts. That day is Black Friday. It’s the one time of the year where practically everything everywhere is on sale.

Below is a look at some of the pros and cons of waiting for Black Friday to buy golf shirts.

Everything everywhere is on sale

golf shirtThe biggest advantage of waiting for Black Friday is all the options that are available to the shopper. Think of all the places on the internet or brick and mortar stores offering all the different shirts out there at a really low price.

It doesn’t take a lot of effort to find shirts at a really low price during Black Friday. Finding something on sale is not the goose chase that it is during any other part of the year. During Black Friday people are bound to find something on sale.


The downside to buying golf shirts during any other time of the year is that people are often left with broken sizes or poor design. Furthermore, the only things on sale are those from last season. Everything new is still at a regular price.

Stores put everything that they have on sale. This means that people won’t be limited in choosing the style and size of the shirt. More often than not, big sales mean that the outlet has to start moving their product to make room for the next season. This means selling the items at a really low selling price, but the downside is that people will only be left with broken sizes or those shirts with designs or colors so horrible that people won’t want them anymore.

Unlike clearance sales, buying during Black Friday means even newer items or stock are also on sale. It’s a lot easier to find something worth buying given just easy it is to find something worth having given both old and new stocks of golf shirts are on sale.

The traffic or competition

The biggest downside to buying shirts during this time of the year is the competition or massive spike in consumer traffic. There’s a reason why retailers both online and in real life choose this part of the year to throw huge sales and discounts.

Studies have shown that most people really do most of their Christmas shopping during this time of the year. The huge consumer traffic flow is what makes retailer sell their items at huge discounts since they want a bigger slice of the pie during this time of the year.

All things said, going to the mall or trying to shop faster than everyone else on the internet can be really taxing, not to mention challenging. This is perhaps the biggest downside to shopping with everyone else.

Only comes once a year

The other downside to buying clothes during this time of the year is that it only comes once a year. Those who are in immediate need of a shirt best try their luck with clearance sales. It’s kind of difficult for some people to stomach the idea of only being able to shop for golf shirts during that one time of the year.